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How I Got 385 New Instagram Followers in One Day

Here's how I got 385 followers in one day whilst sitting in my pajamas. True, to pull my numbers you will likely need some momentum (at the time I had 1,000 followers and my daily posts got 100 likes on average) however this can be achieved in less than a month if you follow my tips for growth. But regardless of your size, I can teach you how to grow rapidly by creating a chain reaction of engagement around your posts.

Gather Fuel

Before you post, you must build up attention within your target demographic. Find people using the same hashtags as you and engage with them through likes, comments, and follows. If you find a creator you really identify with, look through their followers and engage with them. This will draw the attention of people who have a proven interest in your brand of content. Do this until you begin receiving engagement every couple of minutes. For me, this took about half an hour.

Light a Match

Now that you've created a buzz, it is time to drop a new post. Make sure to tag the same hashtags you used to find users in the previous step. As likes and comments come in, make sure to respond to as many users as possible. Not only does this reinforce people engaging with your content, it also increases the likelihood that you will show up in their feeds in the future. However, the most important trick to growth has to do with how you respond to new followers.

Stoke the Flames Every time you receive a new follower, go to that person's page. Tap the downward facing triangle underneath their "following" count to see suggested users. Follow the first ten suggested users you see and try to like or comment on at least one post per user. These are the people most likely to follow you back as Instagram suggests those profiles most like the current user you are looking at, in this case someone who enjoys your content enough to follow you.


With enough skill, you will reach a point where you are gaining new followers solely by repeating this last step. Personally, I spent a couple hours doing this actively before I got tired. However, for several hours afterwards, it was not unusual for me to pull out my phone and see that I had 20 to 50 new followers. By the end of the day, I had gained 385 new followers, a new personal best. Let me know if this method works as well for you!

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